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Acuvue Define Review

Acuvue Define Review

As you have probably read (if you haven’t, click here!), I recommended @Cassansaurus to try Acuvue Moist for her first contact lens. This is because after I conquered my fear for contact lenses, I have been using Acuvue daily products till now. I first started off with Acuvue Moist, love it!

Dailies are definitely more comfortable for me as they are more moist and as a newbie, I don’t want to worry about disinfecting, storage of contact lenses yet. So I can just wear and throw!

After I got used to contact lenses, I decided to try cosmetic lenses. I went on to try Bausch & Lomb’s Lacelle Tender Brown, Freshkon Alluring Winsome Brown Monthly and Acuvue Define Vivid.

Then on, I’ve been sticking to my favourite, Acuvue Define! Because it is as comfortable as Acuvue Moist since they are both dailies and they look so natural.

We also have several bloggers to try Acuvue Define through our collaborations.

Here are the Acuvue Define Reviews :

Quote from @Kellykerii: “The feeling of throwing the contact lens away after wearing for a day is… Really damn shiok!” (Source from http://kellykerii.blogspot.sg/2015/07/contact-lens-singapore.html)

@Corlisstann’s comment on Acuvue Define, “Love how comfy and natural it looks!” (Source from http://corlisstann.blogspot.sg/2015/06/acuvue-define-lenses-from-contactlenssg.html)

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