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Fear of Wearing Contact Lenses?

Fear of Wearing Contact Lenses?

Are you afraid of putting on contact lenses? Just the thought of putting a foreign object into your eyes make them shut tight?

Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone.
Let me share with you how blogger Cassandra (otherwise known as Cassansaurus) overcame that same fear and she is enjoying the convenience contact lenses have brought to her now.

Being someone who has depended on glasses for years and doesn’t like wearing them, Cassandra has always wanted to try contact lenses. However, her fear and worries were too overwhelming.

Cassandra was lucky to meet me (a little boost in confidence here) who used to be in the same flight. I decided to share my experience with her over a couple of emails to let her know that I was once in her shoes and I overcame the fear. I didn’t expect it to inspire Cassandra and encouraged her to give it a try.

I started having myopia (aka short sightedness) in my secondary school days. For about 11 years, it has always been a bonded, dependable relationship between my spectacle and I (not that I am a willing party). I only wear it when there’s a need to see things clearly, for example, during classes or for movies since it wasn’t that bad at the beginning.

There are definitely more cons than pros for not wearing spectacles.
The only pro I can think of is that things are more beautiful when they are blurry.
The cons? Straining your eyes and risking the power to increase. Smiling at random strangers when you thought they were someone familiar from far. (Many times I did and I wished I didn’t.)

With much procrastination, one day, I decided to buy contact lenses and try (probably woke up from the wrong side of the bed). It took me (with my colleague’s instruction) about 20 minutes to put on the contact lenses for both sides. It was a tussle but I defeated the fear!
No secret on how to do it, just keep trying. Of course, try with professional help and guidance. 🙂

People say practice makes perfect and voilà!

Here’s my little success story and for Cassandra’s, you can check out her blogpost.

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