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Top 5 Contact Lens Mistakes

Top 5 Contact Lens Mistakes

Are you making these mistakes that may increase the chances of you having eye infections? Learn how to avoid them 1 by 1 from this short article!

1) Wearing Your Lenses Past Expiry

Research shows that 42% of contact lens users wear longer than they are supposed to. The reason why contact lenses are clarified as Monthly  and Daily is simply because they are meant to be worn for that prescribed period of time. Too long of a usage increases the chance of dirt building up regardless of how thorough you clean your lenses. These residues might end up causing eye infections that will cost you more than a fresh pair of lenses!

So next time, don’t try to stretch the life span of your contact lenses!

2) Overuse Of Lens Casing

You should always change your lens casing every 3 months & always keep in shut! Bacteria and dirt accumulates easily in moist areas, especially when most users keep their lens casing in the bathroom. Not to mention molecules of human *cough* waste in the bathroom air. Eww!

3) Wearing Lenses To Swimming

You wear your lenses to the beach, swimming pool. But before you jump into the waters, remember to remove your lenses. This is because your contact lenses will trap microorganisms that are in the waters in your eyes. If they are not washed properly, chances of getting an infection is high.

4) Washing Lenses With Water

Same goes for washing your lenses with the running tap, microorganisms and impurities will be cosy and stay on your lenses. Wash them with fresh contact lens solution instead.

5) Sleeping With Your Lenses

You should always remove your lenses before sleeping, even if some model of lenses advertise otherwise. The reason being, your eyes needs to “breathe”! Wearing contact lenses will reduce the amount of oxygen your eyes require which will cause discomfort and irritation to your eyes.

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